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What Will You Choose To Be

What Will You Choose To Be

20 January 2017

Are you beginning to feel there is something about the New Consciousness stirring you out of a long term slumber ready to begin the real journey.

Did you expect you had no part to play in this wonderful New Era.

Had you forgotten you chose to be here at this time.

How can you BE what you came to BE if you are asleep.

Just before you step into fear mode that you may actually have a part to play to enable you to see how wonderful the new frequency is let’s have a look at the energy preventing many people finding their JOY and having fun in this magical new era.


There is nothing peculiar about wanting to stay in a comfortable groove after all you are here to have fun and to be in joy but the truth of the matter is when you can live some part of every day stepping out of your personal comfort zone then you begin to understand the energy of resistance which has until now been holding you back from moving forward.

The JOY in CHALLENGE enables you to tap into something very special and unique to you !

What could that be ?

Finding JOY in CHALLENGE assists your onward journey to BECOME what you came to BE.