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Invisible Man

Invisible Man

15 May 2017

2017 where did it go ?

Almost halfway there and many people are floundering to make sense of why their life is changing whether consciously choosing change or not !

Concentrate now … were we not informed the New Era has arrived and that things would be very different !

Yes … we do have choice you will hear that repeated many many times but continuing to keep old energy patterns within the brilliantly beautiful new energy we now find ourselves makes struggle the name of the game. It may feel like an unconscious choice however did you forget your connection in your day to day busyness….and how Universal energy will encourage you with a sometimes gentle nudge !

The mantra ‘Too Busy’ which humanity adopted a long time ago as a protective mechanism simply states we value everything and everybody above Self.

So the question to ask Self is ….

How do I feel having made myself invisible to me ?

Worth pondering is it not !

I will offer two new programmes soon which will provide the opportunity to establish a solid foundation to finding the authentic you.

In the meantime visit The Pattern of Eternity Facebook to follow the Imagery Dialogue as I post it …. less is more when you are beginning something a little outside the box therefore the imagery dialogue in the form of short inquiries over several posts may assist you to ease into a more accurate perception of you and kick start your personal inquiry to boot.

Spread the Wisdom by sharing the Facebook posts with those you feel would benefit from connecting to the frequency. In this way many people have the opportunity to choose consciously to grow and develop in alignment with the New Energy thus preparing for those essential Universal nudges !