A global community of evolution in respect for all life

Honouring Individuality towards Wholeness of SELF and that of the Planet.

Freedom to explore the path we have chosen to tread yet sharing in the understanding and respect of the world around us and those we interact with in our day to day. 

To feel lost and alone in today’s world is a common feeling…. we don’t need to be physically alone to feel this way. 


To acknowledge your uniqueness is to take a major step on your inner journey and recognition of your connection to all that is

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Child holding shell Children hugging
Bird in flight Child washing hands

To work in co-operation love and trust with wildlife and the natural environment

...to recognise and respect they are our teachers and assistants in restoring balance and harmony to the planet is to feel and live once again from…. the Heart energy of Who You Be…. the natural evolution of self and that of the planet. 

Global evidence of Natural Conservation is testament to a longing for balance to be restored between humanity and the elemental world and a return to a time of peace…. love and co-operation. 

As individuals choosing conscious awareness we observe the magic of the Natural World supporting….guiding…conveying clear messages to assist us to understand the strength of our connection to the unconditional nature of Universal Consciousness. 

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