The Naturalness of Being

Child holding shell

A new cycle begins

The end of a cycle the birth of a new one. Approximately every two thousand years a new cycle begins…. we have reached this point. 

The past few years have been witness to the transitional period from the old Era into the New Consciousness. 

In 2016 this wonderful New Era will be realised in full bloom. 

As the New Era begins we are being given the opportunity to align to a beautiful incoming Light to assist us in bringing balance and harmony to the planet through the evolution of SELF.

The energy of the new cycle invites you to experience magic in your own unique way and to align with the purity and Light of this truly uplifting energy…. full of opportunities to grow and develop and to remember the truth of who you are.

To recognise the beauty and the Light that lies at the Heart of who you are aligns you to the unconditional nature of Universal Consciousness and a return to…. the naturalness of Being.

To know the joy of universal consciousness is to be at peace and acceptance with who you be

Now more than ever is the importance to be informed about the Energy of the New Consciousness and to understand that the choices we make now will profoundly affect our experiences in the future.

As humanity begins to wonder about the New Era questions arise…. What does this mean for me …. Where do I fit in…. How do I move forward…. Why do I feel so confused … Where is the manual.

The answer is simple. It lies within your own KNOWING.

All that is required is the courage to follow that which your HEART desires.

Choosing to follow your Heart Feelings brings the Willingness to recognise your Soul purpose and to align to the New Consciousness allowing the Unconditional Nature of a Universe to respond and to support you in your experiences back to wholeness and freedom.

This is the gift of SELF.

Universal Consciousness invites you to embrace your Soul journey knowingly and completely through the experiences you choose.

Attuning to the Heart serves to raise your vibrational frequency strengthening the connection to your Spiritual Being allowing the voice of the Higher Self to speak the wisdom that lies within your own knowing.

This is the MAGIC of Who You Are.

Children hugging
Bird in flight Child washing hands

To work in co-operation love and trust with wildlife and the natural environment recognise and respect they are our teachers and assistants in restoring balance and harmony to the planet is to feel and live once again from…. the Heart energy of Who You Be…. the natural evolution of self and that of the planet. 

Global evidence of Natural Conservation is testament to a longing for balance to be restored between humanity and the elemental world and a return to a time of peace…. love and co-operation. 

As individuals choosing conscious awareness we observe the magic of the Natural World supporting….guiding…conveying clear messages to assist us to understand the strength of our connection to the unconditional nature of Universal Consciousness. 

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