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The choice to conscious awareness is the key to freedom from dis-ease and suffering

As a Facilitator of Universal Teachings and Healing an essential aspect of my work is to assist individuals to recognise more fully the extent to which both the energetic and the physical bodies work in alliance with each other in a bid to become whole again and to view this understanding through day to day experiences and circumstances. 

Through the development of this work what became increasingly apparent and yet easily overlooked was the fact that we have entered a new era….a new energy… most accurately a new consciousness. 

It is the absence of this important aspect that people struggle to understand why dis-ease fails to heal or to be understood. 

Old energy patterns struggle to fit in the New Era and in light of this important fact change is imperative to SELF healing. 


Working in collaboration with practitioners and therapists in fields such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine to name but a few is an opportunity I choose to embrace since at the Heart of what we each practice is the desire to give as much care and assistance to those who seek help on a physical and /or energetic level. 

I extend an invitation to all practitioners who feel to offer to their clients an opportunity to develop through understanding the Individual Self a practice that not only works hand in hand with all fields of therapeutics but is at the core of understanding the nature of life itself. 

The choice to conscious awareness is the key to freedom from dis-ease and suffering. 

In this regard I extend an invitation to offer small group situations providing discussion…. attunement and relaxation practice for those wishing to increase their understanding of the energetic connection enabling growth and self- healing in the New Consciousness. 

I welcome interested practitioners from all fields to further discuss how working in collaboration can greatly enhance an individual’s return to wholeness.

To work in co-operation love and trust with wildlife and the natural environment recognise and respect they are our teachers and assistants in restoring balance and harmony to the planet is to feel and live once again from…. the Heart energy of Who You Be…. the natural evolution of self and that of the planet. 

Global evidence of Natural Conservation is testament to a longing for balance to be restored between humanity and the elemental world and a return to a time of peace…. love and co-operation. 

As individuals choosing conscious awareness we observe the magic of the Natural World supporting….guiding…conveying clear messages to assist us to understand the strength of our connection to the unconditional nature of Universal Consciousness. 

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