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Hold On To Your Hats!

Hold On To Your Hats!

29 November 2016

Hold on to your hats things could very likely begin to change the world you once knew!

Are you open to a progressive and uniquely different view of possibly everything you may have perceived to this point… certainly different from the old Era we have left behind.

For those familiar with The Pattern of Eternity you may be experiencing a little of that tickle from a special place within feeling as you read these words. But if you are just beginning to embrace the new consciousness then hold on to your hats things could very likely begin to change the world you once knew!

You will have understood from the website that 2016 is a completion of the transitional period from the old Era into the New. This is no mean feat in 2017 we will find ourselves in a brilliantly beautiful new consciousness that vibrates at a higher frequency.

Therefore if the higher vibrational frequency is NEW then the OLD you is going to feel a little restless until you align with it. A Magical opportunity for a new updated model of you with quite a different view of our world.

Imagine a world where things which have been judged as bizarre, unusual and peculiar are suddenly perceived differently and you wake up to a changed reality….. suddenly the illusion is becoming very clear and freedom is on the horizon!

To assist you to ponder the new world and to begin to see how different things will be … in fact to realise how things were intended to be …. simple clues and pointers have been appearing in the Conversations’ I have posted enabling you if you choose to begin to strengthen your already intuitive knowing to a place of eagerness and wonderment.

2017 is almost upon us are you prepared or will it take you by surprise.

Hold on to your hats!


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