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Heart Wisdom To Empowerment

Heart Wisdom To Empowerment

08 October 2017

What does your Heart Desire ?

The Key to Empowering every aspect of our day to day lies within this one question.

When you ask this question of yourself do you feel the energy of joy begin to stir in your heart do you follow that feeling within you to discover where it may lead you or do you immediately dismiss the feeling and replace it with hopelessness.

Why is it so easy to dismiss how we FEEL ?

I’d like to bring attention to a powerfully dynamic statement I made when I first wrote The Pattern of Eternity website pages… stay with me on this it all becomes very clear !

‘We enter life in service to our Self and to assist others in their own remembering of Self’

At first glance it is easy to dismiss this statement as too difficult to comprehend so I would like to show you that although it may appear abstruse that in fact there is a very simple way to understand how this truth relates to everyone.

It requires you to look at  The Other Side of The Coin.

If we only attempt to understand from the mindset of logic and reason the way we are taught and conditioned from quite an early age then it will appear abstruse because we are far more than the limits of the intellectual mind.

As energetic Beings connected to the Wisdom of a Universe the statement therefore needs to be viewed in this light.

If we now view from  The Other Side of The Coin  with the intent to understand from an OPEN HEART we feel a resonance because in choosing to understand from the Heart we have connected to our innate wisdom.. the truth of who we are energetically and that energy along with the message will be felt.

It is a very powerful FEELING that you recognise it is the authentic you.

It is the acknowledgement of your connection to something much greater.

Choosing to view from an Open Heart will restart the remembering and the truth of who you are and your purpose for Being in the world at this time.

It is the Key to Empowering every aspect of your day to day.

A new career …. more fulfilling relationships … maybe you feel drawn to another destination ! 

Universal guidance celebrates your choice to Empowerment !

This simple exercise to view from  The Other Side of The Coin  is a powerful beginning.

What does your Heart Desire ?     Write the list…..  Invite the unfolding process to begin !


In the next Conversation I will uncover more on HEART WISDOM TO EMPOWERMENT with the opportunity to receive a simple technique to assist you in remembering how to play with your energy once again.